It wasn't what you planned.

Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and know you’ve found a place that friends inhabit. You’re scared and confused and nobody can blame you for that. In fact, nobody wants to blame you for anything here, we just want to hold your hand and listen to what you have to say. If you’re looking for answers about abortion, adoption and all these thoughts frantically flying around in your head, and right now you may not even be able to think what the questions are, we invite you to dig deeper into this portion of our site.

We’re not going to show you scary pictures or judge you, but we will help you educate yourself on all your options. And just so you know, there are loads of options. If you’re not sure you want to abort, join the club. 75% of teens today don’t like the idea of abortion either.

The first you can do while you’re here is calculate where you are in your pregnancy. Take a look at this Diary of an Unborn Baby if you’d like to see right where your child is now in the development process. It’s important to understand, that whether or not you feel like a mother, if you’re pregnant, you are a mother.

So this decision you’re making involves two people and that’s okay, because it’s true, and we realize that right now, you’re searching for the truth. A lot of people will try to brush aside what you’re feeling deep inside, and they may be well-meaning, but they’re not the one who is pregnant and will have to face life from here on out living with the consequences of this decision.

You’re the one. And you can take control of this because you have so many options. Today unwed mothers have more options than ever for the future of themselves and their children. Thank goodness we finally know the only real option is not abortion.

Just remember this. Life may seem out of control, but it isn’t. You are actually very much in control and by even showing up at this site, you’ve proved you are willing to explore the options and find out what is best. We applaud you.

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